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How to Activate the Codes in Tekken PPSSPP Mods

Tekken 7FR UPDATED Cheats

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Video Tutorial

A step by step guide on how to activate the cheats for the Tekken 7FR Project Mod provided by wksers serks of Youtube..

Please do watch carefully..

Written Tutorial

Follow this simple instructions..

1. select LARS as Profile character – PERMANENT

2. select K! Master code (tr:dra) & make sure the refresh rate of cheat: 13 to 19 (Mins is always 17)

3. choose DRAGUNOV for PLAYER 1 in practice mode to resolve K! system.

4. NOW CHOOSE (check it in the cheatlist) THE CHARACTER THAT YOU WANT TO USE & DISABLE OTHER CHARACTERS if you’re not using it. Strictly 1 Character Checked at a time. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE CHARACTER that needs resolve to activate it, ex.

ASUKA KAZAMA (“p1pau-88C-888,p2bru-88E”;8900)

, that means you must choose PAUL vs BRUCE in practice mode first, then you can use ASUKA. or

JIN KAZAMA (“p1hwo-886/887/892/885″;”p2hei-88A”;891)

that means you must choose HWOARANG vs anyone first, then choose JIN vs HEIHACHI then you have resolve the activations.

NOTE: This can allso be applied to Tekken Hybrid.. just change the CHEATS of tekken hybrid with this cheat.. 

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